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QwetuHR is a superior web-based Human Resource Management System developed to efficiently manage your greatest asset: your employees. QwetuHR allows you to oversee each step of your employee’s journey from recruitment & workforce planning to leave scheduling & reporting effectively streamlining all functional areas.

Our Leave Management Module will help you fairly, accurately and efficiently manage time off requests while maintaining set policies. The web-based interface and self-service features ensure employees manage their leave balances and history of approval.
QwetuHR Decisions reporting Module provides a powerful HR data analysis and reporting tool. Make multiple, filtered queries on your people data and receive synthesised reports on areas such as attendance, travel claims, appraisals and staff aging.

The report designer allows creation of reports by specifying business rules, design format and filter parameters with outputs such as charts and graphs designed by the user and the ability to output and export the reports in various formats for consumption or further integration into other modules.
Manage employee travel and expenses flawlessly using QwetuHR’s Travel and Expense Module. Assign itineraries and expenses to ensure proper client tracking, track claims status and allow remote approvals for field interventions.

Your staff’s professional development is assured through the QwetuHR Trailing model that allows user-generated training requests, evaluation exams, training requirements grouping and scheduling to allow employees to fully benefit from each training activity.

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