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Cloud computing is relies on moving certain functions outside an organisation’s firewall and accessing them via the internet instead of a hard drive. If your organisation is not in a position to purchase, deploy and maintain infrastructure such as software, servers and storage, cloud computing offers immense benefits. Whether you are considering Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) or Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), think TIKONE’s cloud services and expert support. Flexibly adapt to your present and future needs.

With customised cloud services and end-to-end service delivery, which includes cross-platform infrastructure services, private and hybrid clouds, heterogeneous management and expert guidance, we are the ideal partner for you.
Match your requirements to the right cloud application(s) to meet your business challenges. Cut your cloud deployment time by 80 percent compared to industry standards.

Rest assured that our risk-based approach to securing assets and actively protecting them from online attacks while offering industry-standard heuristics to restore services.

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