About Us

TIKONE Solutions Ltd. is a software and services developer and reseller. We aim to become customers’ first choice for IT solutions in Kenya. The software and tools we have developed have helped numerous organisations take advantage of the benefits that modern technology offers and make data-driven decisions to improve their business operations.

Every business generates data; from user experiences to impressions on social media pages. This means that organisations of all sizes need a strategy to effectively capture, store and analyse this data in order to capitalise on opportunities presented.

TIKONE’s approach is to create an ecosystem of complimentary software and service resources that enable businesses automate and simplify processes thus improving workflow, centralising reporting, offering business intelligence insights and revamping data storage, redundancy and backup.Our methodology allows us to prescribe both bespoke and out-of-the-box software.

TIKONE is able to implement world class solutions such as Sage Evolution (Enterprise Resource Planning), QuickPOS (Point of Sale), QwetuHR (Human Resource Management), CloudWage (Payroll Management), TimeTrax (Time & Attendance Management) and CloudMessenger (Bulk SMS).

Our support to businesses extends to Cloud Computing and development of visually appealing and user friendly web and mobile applications. Tikone is committed to the relentlessness pursuit of innovation in delivering software solutions and to be the preferred and most trusted partner for our clients.